Bob Tricker - The Future of Corporate Governance

The Practice of Corporate Governance

Bob Tricker (2022)

A straightforward guide to the work of governing bodies and the people who serve on them

The basic premise of this book is that all corporate entities, whatever their purpose, structure, or size, need a governing body. Corporate governance is not management.  Some features of corporate governance are basic, common to all corporate entities. This book offers a guide to these fundamentals.

Bob Tricker - The Future of Corporate Governance

The Future of Corporate Governance - a personal odyssey

Bob Tricker (2022)

Discovering and redefining corporate governance, finding its paradigm, and reinventing the corporation

Ever since Homer told the epic story of Odysseus’ voyage home from Troy, an odyssey has involved a journey.  This story of the author’s search for the meaning of corporate governance has been a personal odyssey. Odysseus took ten years on his voyage: the author’s has taken forty-five years so far, and the journey is not yet over.

Bob Tricker - The Evolution of Corporate Governance - Cambridge Elements Series

The Evolution of Corporate Governance

Bob Tricker (Cambridge University Press 2020)

Series: Elements in Corporate Governance

In this Element the origins of corporate governance are reviewed, recognising that corporate entities have always been governed, that important developments took place in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and the huge significance of the invention of the joint-stock limited liability company.

Bob Tricker and Gregg Li - Understanding Corporate Governance in China

Understanding Corporate Governance in China

Bob Tricker (with Gregg Li, Hong Kong University Press, Hong Kong, 2019)

When Gregg Li and I worked together in Hong Kong, around 25 years ago, we did not imagine the tremendous changes that would be made in the following two decades.

Unlike the West, which sees corporate governance as a necessary way to regulate business, China sees corporate governance as the means to economic growth for the benefit of the people and the state.

Bob Tricker - Business Ethics

Business Ethics – a stakeholder, risk, and governance approach

2014, Bob Tricker and Gretchen Tricker (Routledge)

Many books and courses on business ethics focus on companies’ social responsibilities, their relations with their stakeholders, and corporate citizenship. This book argues that business ethics are basic to running business not a separate subject. They are inherent to the governance and management of every organization not an optional exercise in corporate citizenship. Ethics are about behaviour.

The book not only considers what business ethics are, and why they are important, but offers practical approaches on how to develop a successful corporate ethics culture.

Bob Tricker - Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance – NEW – Fourth Edition

Bob Tricker (Oxford University Press, 2009, 2012, 2015, 2019)
Also in Vietnamese

Throughout the 20th century, the focus had been on management. But where was the board of directors on the management organization chart? The twenty-first century, however, has seen corporate governance come centre stage, with the spotlights on the way power is exercised over corporate entities around the world.

'Corporate Governance' is based on material that the author has developed over the years for directors’ courses at the Institutes of Directors in London and Sydney, the MBA programme at the Australian Graduate School of Management, executive Masters at Hong Kong University, Melbourne University, Hong Kong Baptist University, and an open-learning course for Hong Kong Open University ...

Bob Tricker - Oxford Circus

Oxford Circus

NEW – 2015, Bob Tricker

Bob Tricker was closely involved with the development of management studies at Oxford University. Reflecting on the saga of nearly fifty years of management study in Oxford, he concludes that attempts to study business and management in the University had many of the hallmarks of a circus: businessmen giving acrobatic performances on the tightrope of university politics, academics flying the trapeze of anti-business sentiment, heads of college and business leaders competing to snap the ring-master’s whip, there were even a few clowns.

In this personal perspective, Bob Tricker describes how the study of management developed in the University and how, from time to time, he found himself in the ring.

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