Bob Tricker

I have always regarded Bob Tricker as

the father of Corporate Governance

since his 1984 book introduced me to

the words ‘Corporate Governance.’


As the author of the UK’s Corporate Governance Code, the first in the world, Sir Adrian Cadbury is properly called the father of Corporate Governance ... maybe, that makes me the grandfather.

Bob Tricker

Bob Tricker studied at Harvard and Oxford Universities, becoming a Research Fellow at the new Oxford Centre for Management Studies, before being appointed professor at the University of Warwick Business School. He returned to Oxford as Director of the Oxford Management Centre, which subsequently became Templeton College, before being merged with Oxford’s Säid Business School. The realization that governance is not management, and a five year’s Research Fellowship at Nuffield College led to the book ‘Corporate Governance,’ the first time these words had been used in a title.  He has subsequently written many other books, including ...


Professor R. I. (Bob) Tricker left school at 16 and was articled to a firm of Chartered Accountants, before serving for two years as an officer in the Royal Navy. Then, for seven years, he was the financial controller of a manufacturing company, before turning to management education. He studied at Harvard and Oxford Universities. His experiences of the study of business at Oxford and the incredible governance of the Management Centre are described in Oxford Circus.

He served on the Councils of both the Institute of Chartered Accountants and the Institute of Management Accountants.  His doctorate was awarded for work on information systems and corporate strategy. He was the founder editor of the research journal Corporate Governance: An International Review, and has held professorships at eight universities around the world.

Gretchen Tricker, 1945 - 2018